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It's part one of our end of the year show! In this jam-packed mega show, all of our contributors and Dice Tower affiliates show up and give their input on... The year as a whole, Biggest news of the year, Biggest surprise, Biggest Disappointment, Best Components, Best Artwork, Worst Game, Best card game, Best party game, Best kids game, and Best family game. Come join us and here our opinions on the year 2015, as it draws to a close.

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In this show, we talk about Ice and the Sky, The Prodigals Club, Pirate Den, Fidelitas, 10 to Kill, Floating Market, Kemet: Ta Seti, Safranito, and Mord Im Arosa.  Brian takes a look at Money, Geoff at Gutsy, and we hear about starting a game club and more Legal moves.  Tom quizzes Eric about shopping, and we finish up the show discussing when to let a game go out of your collection.

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In this episode, we talk about  German Railroads, Estoril 1942, Klask, Stinky Business,  Mow Money, ...and then we held hands, KLASK, and Between Two Cities. We answer questions about conventions, using cash to buy games, and why we don't review everything.  Finally, we end the show with our top ten games from AEG games.

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In this show, we talk about  Sleuth, Paperback Co-Operative, State Smarts, Chess with The Child Above and Below, Simurgh, Gum Gum Machine, and the Colt Express Expansion.  We hear a tale of Horror and one of outrage, talk about game clubs, and Tom gives us a rundown of the Come and Play day with GTS distribution.  Finally, we end the show talking about how to deal with the hype machine!

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In this show, we are joined by Rich Sommer, Sam Healey, Zee Garcia, Jason Levine, Mark Streed and more in this Boardgame Breakfast crossover!  Recorded live at BGG.con 2015, we talk about games we've played, have several segments, and close out the show answering questions from the audience.

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In this show, we talk for a long time about games, including  504, Fury of Dracula, Gallerist, Porta Nigra,  Ghostbusters, Gutsy, Renaissance Wars, and The Room 3.  We also answer questions, and then tell about our favorite ten interactive games (that aren't wargames).  Or something like that.

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In this show, we talk about The Big Book of Madness, Tabletopia: Police Precinct, Dark Stories, Treasure of the 13 Islands, Time Stories, Orleans expansion, M.U.L.E, and Trickerion. Tom also talks about twenty other games as fast as he can, we hear from some contributors, and hear a few tales. Finally, we talk about what we do when someone else damages our games.

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In this show, we talk about Automania, Inhabit the Earth, Antarctica, Taverna,  Pandemic Legacy, TIME Stories, Say Cheese!and Ocean Raiders.  Eric rants, we answer a pile of questions, and then end the episode talking about our favorite games to have music in the background (and what music that should be).

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In this show, we talk about Far Space Foundry, Raptor, Wurfel Kung Fu, the new expansions for both Race for the Galaxy and Roll for the Galaxy, Ticket to Ride Map Pack 5, Dice City, and Automobiles. We hear from Geoff, Brian, and Dan - and hear three tales, one of Horror, one of Awkwardness, and one of Shame! Finally, we talk about "turtling" and whether or not we like when it shows up in our games.

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In this show, Tom and Eric talk about our Essen Spiel trip, what we saw and did there. Then, for the rest of the show, we tackle our gigantic pile of questions from listeners! 

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